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I am Senior Lecturer at the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University.

I study how citizens organize to effect political change and under which conditions they are successful. In particular, I am interested in the interface between political organizations (such as interest groups, NGOs and parties), the media, and policy outcomes under different political regime types. My research has been published in leading international journals such as Political CommunicationGovernance, Party Politics, Democratization, Policy Sciences, or PNAS. My book “Lobbying the Autocrat“, co-edited with Jessica C. Teets, is forthcoming with University of Michigan Press in July 2023.

Together with Darren R. Halpin, I lead the Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project “Public Interest Advocacy in Australian Policymaking“. In this project we develop innovative text-analytical methods and elite experiments to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of public interest advocacy, via the media, in elevating the responsiveness of elected political elites.

I am also co-investigator on the 5yr Discovery Project “Mapping & Harnessing Public Mistrust“, which is the first to comprehensively map the positive values of mistrust in citizen political attitudes and experience in Australia. The results will inform concrete solutions to key policy reform dilemmas, providing better answers for sustaining public trust overall.

I am Associate Editor of the journal Democratization, member of the Electoral Integrity Project‘s International Advisory Board, and member of the the Political Organisations and Participation standing group of the Australian Political Studies Association. I have been a co-publisher of the Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI) dataset, and also helped develop the Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) Model Curriculum for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Occasionally, I write for the Washington Post’s Monkey CageThe Conversation, New Mandala, and other online outlets.

Previously, I worked as Lecturer at the Institute for Political Science at Heidelberg University, Research Associate at the Electoral Integrity Project (University of Sydney), and Instructor in International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science of Thammasat University. I have also been visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Democracy and Democratization of the Social Science Center Berlin (WZB) in 2016/17.

Get in touch on Twitter via @maxgroemping.