"Mozambique Commonwealth Observer Group 2" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Commonwealth SecretariatIn their mission to influence public policy outcomes, advocacy groups may combine the pursuit of direct interactions with policymakers (‘inside lobbying’) with the mobilization of public opinion via news media and public actions (‘outside lobbying’) in complementary ways. My research addresses questions of the organizational and contextual determinants of advocacy groups’ policy influence, their organizationsl forms and strategies, their credibility as sources in news, and the framing they employ.

My interest lies primarily in the dynamics of policy advocacy outside of established democracies, which is why I organize the workshop on ‘Policy advocacy and the media in non-democracies‘ on 2-3 August 2019 at Heidelberg University.


2019     Does group engagement with members constitute a ‘beneficial inefficiency’?’ with Darren R. Halpin. Governance, 32(3):511-529.

2019     ‘More bang for the buck. Media freedom and organizational strategies in the agenda-setting of human rights groups‘. Political Communication,36(3):452-475.

Domestic Election Monitoring and Advocacy: An Emerging Research Agenda’. Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 35(4)407-423.
Projects and working papers

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‘When to go public? The calibration of electoral reform advocacy strategies’