Citizen engagement

"Chiapas - Distrito 03" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by dimitridfWhat motivates citizens to participate in politics, and in particular in political organizations? What does the appropriation of digital network affordances mean for participation? Has the ‘crowd’ replaced more organizationally-brokered forms of collective action, or are organizations still central? My research contributes to studies of political parties, but also to the agenda of connective action and online participation more broadly by conceptualizing crowd participation in activism and advocacy, its impact on organizational forms and on polarization of political discourse.


2019     ‘The Expanding Party Universe: Patterns of Partisan Engagement in Australia and the United Kingdom’ with Anika Gauja. Party Politics, doi: 10.1177/1354068818823687.

2018     ‘The ‘Crowd-Factor’ in Collective Action Online: Comparing Protest Communication Styles of Thai Facebook Pages’ with Aim Sinpeng. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 15(3):197-214.

2014     ‘Echo Chambers. Partisan Facebook Groups during the 2014 Thai Election’. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 24(1):1-21.
Projects and working papers

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‘Crowd work and networked publics as civic activism? The case of crowdsourced election monitoring’