Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI), global

I am co-publisher of the ‘Perception of Electoral Integrity’ (PEI) expert survey dataset with Professor Pippa Norris and other colleagues from the Electoral Integrity Project. The data is available freely in the public domain: Perceptions of Electoral Integrity, (PEI-7.0)

The PEI datasets have generated a large number of scholarly and policy outputs including ten books, 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and 13 policy reports, and have been featured in more than 500 press articles across 44 countries. The 7.0 release of the global dataset includes assessments from 3,821 election experts evaluating 336 national parliamentary and presidential contests held worldwide in 166 countries from 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2018.

The data allows a globally comparative look at the extent to which elections adhere to international norms and standards of electoral integrity. The latest report using the data is available here.

Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI), sub-national

In addition to the global PEI survey, I have also worked on sub-national expert surveys measuring electoral integrity within countries. Thus far, the data for three such sub-national studies are available online:

2019     Perceptions of Electoral Integrity, US 2018 (PEI_US_2018), with Pippa Norris, and Holly Ann Garnett. Harvard Dataverse, V1,
Perceptions of Electoral Integrity, US 2016 (PEI_US_1.0), with Pippa Norris, and Alessandro Nai. Harvard Dataverse, V1,
2015      Perceptions of Electoral Integrity-Russia, (PEI-Russia 1.0), with Pippa Norris, Martínez i Coma, and Alessandro Nai. Harvard Dataverse, V1,
2015      Perceptions of Electoral Integrity-Mexico, (PEI-Mexico 1.0), with Pippa Norris, Martínez i Coma, and Alessandro Nai. Harvard Dataverse, V1,


Replication data

In addition, I have made available replication datasets for some of my articles.

2019     Replication Data for: “Does group engagement with members constitute a “beneficial inefficiency”?”. Harvard Dataverse, V1,
2019     Replication Data for: “More Bang for the Buck: Media Freedom and Organizational Strategies in the Agenda-Setting of Human Rights Groups”. Harvard Dataverse, V1,